Our Intellectual Property (IP) Group provides clients with a full range of legal services relating to the acquisition, enforcement and commercialisation of intellectual property rights. These services include counsel and handling of transactions in cases involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs, licensing, and assignments.  The partners and associates in our intellectual property group have been extensively trained in intellectual property matters.


Our Corporate & Commercial Group gives advice on a wide range of transactional matters.   


We offer clients one of the most extensive international law and trade practices available. The firm’s international lawyers are highly experienced in international matters, having served with institutions involved in international trade, development, and policy.

The group focuses on advising clients on various legal issues that have an international law perspective, such as private international law or conflict of laws, cross border legal issues, refugees and human rights law and international criminal justice. Our range of practice areas include;

➢ Multilateral investment dispute resolution;                    ➢ Multilateral redress mechanisms;  

➢ International tax systems;                                                    ➢ International trade negotiations;

➢ East African Community law;                                              ➢ COMESA law;

➢ African Union trade policies;                                               ➢ Project management;

➢ International contracts;                                                        ➢ Immigration and relocation;

➢ Bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations;                ➢ International Arbitration;

➢ Commercial dispute resolution;                                        ➢ Trade policy analysis.


ABN Advocates offers a wide range of specialist practice areas organized under the Commercial, Property and Litigation departments. The Litigation group assists with High Court and all higher court actions and applications in respect of disputes involving;

Administrative law;                                                   Intellectual Property Prosecutions;

 ICT law and policy                                                 Banking law;

 Building and construction disputes;                 Competition law;

 Constitutional law;                                               Contractual, corporate and Commercial and Civil Litigation;

 Energy and infrastructure;                                 Tort law

 Insurance law;                                                       Labour law and employment;

 Negligence and strict liability;                           Product liability, unfair business practices and consumer issues;

 Land transactions;                                               Criminal Litigation;

 International trade law;                                      Statutory and regulatory matters.


Our Dispute Resolution Group provides strategic dispute analysis and practical advice on realistic assessments of the outcomes and potential costs. We help you to make informed decisions consistent with your commercial objectives while taking into account the social and economic cost on others who might be impacted by your business development. Our strategic support in investment dispute resolution is to ensure mutual benefit between our clients and communities for business success, Our Group provides strategic counsel on all forms of dispute resolution, from negotiation and mediation, to arbitration.